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Fire & Rural Growth


Funding the Good Fight

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Historic Resource Threats

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Land Preservation

Light Trespass

Making Neighborhood Waters More Child Safe & Friendly

Making Pollution Laws Work


Neighborhood Quality of Life



Planned Area & Planned Unit Development

Politically Oriented Advocacy

Property Value

Scenic View Preservation

Schools & Growth

Smart Legal Strategies

Special Exceptions & Conditional Uses

Strategy Analysis
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Student Housing


Transmission Lines

Trucking Facilities

Watershed Audit

Zoning & Rezoning


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Fire & Rural Growth

Fire and wildfire is the largest single cause of property loss in the nation. Over the past ten years, fire has caused $120 billion in direct damages and much more in indirect losses. Each year building fires injure more than 20,000 Americans and another 3,000 die in building fires.

Sprawl and other forms of poorly planned growth can impact a community's ability to prevent fires in two principle ways. First, by placing homes, businesses, and other structures in fire-prone areas without adequate protection measures. Second, by stretching fire protection capabilities beyond reasonable limits.

We can help you determine if proposed development will cause either adverse effect. This help comes in three forms.

First, further detail on the fire-related implications of development can be found in Chapter 10 of our 300-page book which can be downloaded free by clicking on the following title: How To Win Land Development Issues: A Citizens Guide To Preserving & Enhancing Quality of Life in Developing Areas.

Second, call us at 410-654-3021 to discuss your concerns free of charge by phone.

Third, we can tell you what it would cost to have one of our fire protection experts assess the impact of the project of concern to you. We can also take a look at the adequacy of existing laws in your community to prevent growth from unduly straining fire protection services.


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