As shown in the following plan, the developer of massive 1700-unit Fort Worth, TX housing project proposed connecting to a dead-end neighborhood street causing a massive increase in cut-thru traffic.   The neighborhood street – Clark Road – is a narrow, cul de sac with 36 homes.  Had this proposal been approved traffic volume on Clark Road could have gone from a few hundreds cars a day to more than 37,000!

plan showing no connection to Clark Road

The cul de sac residents were preparing for a Plan Commission hearing when they retained CEDS. Our Initial Strategy Analysis research showed two key factors:

  • The developer had other options for access, and
  • The Plan Commission had a history of denying approval for similar projects.

These two factors prompted us to urge the cul de sac residents to testify at the hearing using a letter drafted by CEDS.

But rather than calling for denial we recommended that our clients ask the Commission to:

  • Require the developer to use an alternate access,
  • Require an emergency-services only gate, and to
  • Continue the hearing so the residents could work with the developer to find a mutually satisfactory solution.

This testimony prompted the Plan Commission to grant the continuance and sent strong signals to the developer that he needed to find a way to resolve cul de sac resident concerns. The developer then submitted the following revised plan showing NO connection to Clark Road!

plan showing Clark Road connection

A clean victory for Clark Road residents. A Thank You note from our clients to CEDS president Richard Klein follows.

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