The owners of a large farm in Frederick County, MD sought help from CEDS in preserving their pastures, crop fields and forests from a proposal to convert a dirt track into a paved road.  The route, which is shown in the photos below, would have resulted in a paved road passing through the heart of the farm, past the family home, and would have destroyed a substantial amount of forest bordering the Monocacy River.  The forest preserves both the ecological and aesthetic quality of this Scenic River

The traffic cutting through their land would have hampered the livestock and equipment movements essential to a working farm.  The road would also have diminished the tranquil atmosphere of the family’s land.  

With CEDS assistance, the family succeeded in nixing the road project.  And the really great part is this success occured in 2005.  Our clients sometimes worry that the victories we help them win today will be undone a few years or decades hence.  Well, its been 15 years since this victory was wonder and there’s not been a peep from the road advocates.

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