An earlier CEDS post noted that the Fresno Healthy Neighborhoods Alliance had won a substantial victory in their struggle to protect area residents from the impact of a proposed gas station-convenience store.  The convenience store would have sold alcohol.  The benzene released from gas station storage tank vents and at the pump can increase cancer risk among those living within 500- to 1,000-feet.  There’s a large body of scientific research documenting that alcohol outlets can increase crime and adverse health effects. 

The victory resulted from convincing the Fresno, CA City Council to reduce the density of alcohol sales by increasing the separation distance between outlets.  There is research showing a relationship between outlet density and crime as well as  other impacts.

Since that success, the Alliance has been working with the applicant to find other uses of the gas station-convenience store site that would be profitable for the applicant without jeopardizing area resident quality of life.  One of those uses is an eco-friendly car wash.  The applicant is now pursuing the permits needed to proceed with the car wash.

To learn more about getting gas station benefits without jeopardizing neighborhood health, visit:

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