Castle Rock CO gas station-convenience store application withdrawn

Residents of Castle Rock, Colorado engaged CEDS in September, 2021 to help protect their neighborhood from a proposed Kum & Go gas station and convenience.

They formed the Castle Rock Healthy Neighborhoods Alliance. After gathering more than 400 signatures on a petition and nine long months the gas station-convenience store application was withdrawn. For further information about how CEDS can help with proposed gas stations-convenience stores, visit:

A representative of Kum & Go explained the reason for withdrawing the application…

“Over the past several months, we have carefully reviewed and taken into consideration feedback from the surrounding community. While we believe we could have mitigated many of the concerns expressed by residents, we felt it was important to respect their strong desire not to have a fueling station at this location.”

Castle Rock Mayor Jason Gray said…

“We’re thankful that the residents in this area so actively participated in the Town’s development process. The Town heard you, and more importantly, Kum & Go heard you and has abandoned its efforts to pursue a store on Crystal Valley Parkway.”

And Town Councilmember Tim Dietz added…

“I’m proud to have helped many residents of District 6 achieve what they think is the best outcome for their neighborhood on this item.”

To learn more about getting gas station benefits without jeopardizing neighborhood health, visit:

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