A dog kennel was proposed for rural Valley County, Idaho. The principal concern was noise from many dogs kept outside for up to eight hours a day. The proposed outside area was only a couple of hundred feet from neighboring properties. Fortunately, the Valley County Land Use & Development Regulations prohibited commercial operations, like a dog kennel, from causing noise to exceed 60 decibels at a property line. CEDS assisted the residents in engaging a professional noise analysis firm which documented that the dog barking could cause noise levels of 88- to 99-decibels at the property line. For context, 60 decibels is slightly below normal conversation levels while 88- to 99-decibels is equivalent to the noise from a power lawn mower or a motorcycle. This and other evidence prompted the Valley County Planning & Zoning Commission to deny approval for the kennel. For further detail about how CEDS can help with concerns about a proposed kennel, visit: https://ceds.org/dog-kennels/

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