Leland, NC annexation traffic congestion & school overcrowding impacts averted

Residents of Leland, NC were deeply concerned about the impact of rapid growth on their quality of life. Leland is located just west of Wilmington, NC. An analysis drafted by CEDS documented that traffic congestion on the main highway was already projected to become severe. While it was possible that adding lanes and other measures might forestall traffic impacts, no such improvements were slated before further growth would occur. Schools serving the area were also at or projected to be over capacity; again with no plans to address the issue through additions to existing schools or new buildings. The residents were most concerned about the proposed annexation of a 29-acre parcel into the Town of Leland that would have been developed as 300 multifamily units. CEDS assisted the residents in organizing a number of area neighborhoods into the Leland Responsible Growth Alliance. However, the developer withdrew the annexation request. Our analysis of growth impacts and solutions is posted at: https://app.box.com/s/nhlemijiwipvjk6mlqz0jdmel0eiqxzf

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