Heath, Ohio golf course & neighborhood walking trails partially preserved & enhanced

Following is a message from a leader who took a little bit of CEDS advice, combined it with her skill and determination to preserve a portion of a golf course as a place for hundreds of her neighbors to enjoy.

Dear CEDS,

I would like to let you know that your general information that you sent me lead to the resolution of our golf course situation… sort of. 

We found out that the course could not reopen because it will cost too much to recondition the greens and get them up and running again. It would take a $400,000 loan to bring the golf course up to playing status. 

I have had meetings with our community, city zoning commission, the street department, the real-estate representative and the Mayor of the city.  I had all the printed documents from the Zoning office and presented them to all involved.  My husband, two neighbors and I have been the liaison for the triangle of city, realtor and community.  The information I gained from the zoning office and the Mayor were very valuable in our argument to not developing the golf course area. 

The best part was I purposed to the mayor that we do not have a single park at our end of the city. We all walk on back roads and in our developments.  I mentioned I think it would be a great addition to the citizens of our town to have beautiful and natural walking trails by using the golf cart paths. The city can’t afford the whole golf course but they are interested in two of the holes to incorporate into their park system.  I convinced the city through the different city offices that three of the holes are extreme flooding zones.  The seller is selling those holes to the property owners that align the flood zoned property.  The only holes left may be sold to property owners instead of being developed as well because of possible flooding issues. The amount of money it would cost to develop that area would be more than the value of the property was also discussed with the relator.

This is a quick summary of how your wisdom helped a small-town person make a difference.  I appreciate you more than you know.  Mr. Klein you empowered me with your references so I could move forward on something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing.  I am an extremely good volleyball coach but I am not a skilled business personality.  This whole process has been filled with such excitement, accomplishment and change that my head is still spinning.  All the I’s have not been dotted or T’s crossed but the foundation for folks to take the wheel and drive home their own action has been created.  So, a toast to you Mr. Klein.  I hope you have a wonderful week at work and taking time to celebrate your importance to others.

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