Colorado transmission line route defeated

The map below shows the route of a transmission line proposed for the San Luis Valley in Colorado. The proposed route would follow the red and blue lines. Note that an existing transmission line runs along the black line with circles.

Both transmission lines are/would be 69 kilovolts (kV). The proposed line would replace the existing line. It was claimed that the 60-year old wood poles supporting the existing line were so deteriorated that a replacement line was needed. The company wishing to construct the new line also claimed that it could not build a new line within the existing right-of-way.

CEDS was retained by San Luis Valley residents whose property would be impacted by the proposed transmission line. CEDS research indicated that wood poles can remain functional for a century or more and that they could be easily replaced with new support poles within the existing right-of-way, along the existing route. In other words, there was no need to build a new transmission line along the red and blue alignments shown in the map below.

To confirm that the preliminary CEDS analysis was correct, we identified a number of transmission line experts willing to assist those seeking the best solutions for maintaining reliable electric service. We settled on one expert based in California who not only confirmed the analysis but provided further insights clearly showing the proposed transmission line was simply not needed.

Meanwhile, CEDS was also helping San Luis Valley residents their organize opposition to the proposed transmission line. We believe the opposition had reached the point where the applicant chosen to abandon the proposed route. We are hoping they will instead examine the existing wood poles more closely and replace any that may have deteriorated excessively.


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