Truck-Stop/Gas station defeated in Indianapolis

This message was sent to CEDS:

Thank you for all your input regarding your defense procedures in these gas station cases, which I used in part.  We successfully defeated the Petitioner yesterday at the appeal hearing before the Metropolitan Development Commissioners, I attached a link to the hearing.  It was a 6 to 1 vote denying approval of the petition.  The neighbors are ecstatic with the win!  Our case dealt more heavily on the traffic argument and not the environmental argument, but I did insert it and referred to Jackie Phillips case in Carmel, Indiana.  I attached a copy of my oral arguments (photos not included).  I was allotted 15 minutes to speak but provided the commissioners with far more material than I could cover in that allotted time.  My wife covered the crime concern in the 5 minutes of rebuttal.

My 15 minute oral argument starts at 46:46 and my wife’s 5 minute oral argument starts at 1:16:16.  I was also interviewed by WRTV6, which aired at the 6:00 PM news hour last evening:

Thank you again for your support and help!

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