Ohio truck stop rejected due to health & economic impact concerns

On November 2, 2022, the Boston Heights, Ohio Planning Commission voted to deny a Conditional Use Permit for a proposed truck stop, gas station and convenience store.

According to Marc Miller, who led opposition to the truck stop, the Commission based its decision on:

  1. Incompatibility with our Comprehensive Land Use Plan (which is very “green”)
  2. Negative Economic Impact:  We would lose an adjacent neighbor law firm that contributes $250k of income tax revenue (they felt the toxicity was dangerous to be right next door).  In return, we get a Truck Stop that generates $25k of income tax a year.   So, we’d lose about 10% of our village operating revenue – I think that hit home.
  3. Safety & Health:  With a Children’s Hospital 350’ away, this was a concern.   I was surprised, though, that it wasn’t the primary decision factor in their decision.

For further details on this success contact Marc at: mmiller@predictiveconversations.com

To learn more about getting the benefits of truck stops without posing a threat to area residents, visit: https://ceds.org/truckstops/

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