Mining, Quarrying & Other Extraction Industries

If you’re concerned about a mining operation anywhere in the USA then contact CEDS at 410-654-3021 (call-text) or for an initial no-cost discussion of strategy options. Please don’t hesitate. Delay almost always decreases the likelihood of success.

Click this text to see examples of how we’ve helped resolve concerns about mining.

We help citizens protect their home, neighborhood, and environment from the impact of poorly conceived mining operations. Whether you’re concerned about an existing or proposed mine, we can help in two ways.

First, we’d be delighted to answer any specific questions you have regarding a mine.  Contact CEDS at 410-654-3021 (call-text) or Advice by phone is always available free of charge to those seeking to preserve their home and neighborhood from harm.

Second, we can carry out an Initial Strategy Analysis (ISA) to determine the quickest, least expensive options for resolving your concerns. Generally, the ISA cost begins at $1,000 and can be completed in two weeks. Two examples of mining ISA’s can be viewed by clicking the following link:

We can then assist you in negotiating with the applicant or regulatory agencies to resolve your concerns.  For example, we drafted the following letter on behalf of a South Carolina client: Lake Merkel Preservation.  This letter prompted the mining company to implement measures that fully resolved our clients’ concerns.

If a mining operation has been proposed for a site near your home or in the watershed of a stream, lake, or other aquatic resource you value, then we urge you to thoroughly evaluate the potential impacts and to demand that no permits be issued until all impacts are fully resolved. Following are some of the more common impacts of mining:

  • an increase in truck traffic on residential streets which can threaten pedestrian safety, degrade air quality, damage home foundations, and diminish property value;
  • diminishing the quantity and quality of groundwater available to nearby well users through loss of recharge areas, lowering of the water table by pit excavations, or by the effects of blasting on fractures, faults, and other water-bearing features;
  • threatening the respiratory health of area residents through dust and diesel engine emissions;
  • property value may be diminished by noise, loss of viewshed, imparting an industrial character to an area, or increased truck traffic;
  • neighborhood tranquility may be reduced by the noise emitted from blasting, crushing operations, excavation equipment, and truck traffic;
  • home foundations may be damaged by vibration caused by blasting or truck traffic on nearby roads;
  • mining activity in some geologic formations may increase the prevalence of sinkholes; and
  • sediment along with other water pollutants may be released from washing operations and runoff from denuded soils.

How CEDS Can Help

CEDS has prepared a Project Evaluation Checklist which allows you to take a first look at many of the impacts listed above. Detail on how to review a project for these potential impacts can be found in our free 300-page book How To Win Land Development Issues.

CEDS is a nationwide network of attorneys, planners, environmental scientists, traffic engineers, political strategists, fundraisers, and other professionals. We help people with concerns about all types of mining operations. We also help those living near existing and closed mines to reduce facility impacts.

To learn how we can help with the mine or quarry of concern to you, just give us a call at 410-654-3021. Advice by phone is always available free of charge to those seeking to preserve their home and neighborhood from harm. You can also email us at